Google Instant

22 09 2010

There are many ways to motivate people. When you search for “ways to motivate,” more than 10,000,000 results are made available. One of the more popular tools is fear:

If you don’t lose 80 pounds, you will die! That’s pretty powerful.

Legions of so-called experts have been claiming that SEO is dead for more than 13 years. Google’s press conference about Google Instant on 9/8, became the current tool for inciting fear and confusion throughout the internet industry. When the world wide web evolved in 1993 with the introduction of the Mosaic integrated multimedia browser, there were only a handful of people who had any interest in that technology. As the industry has expanded and contracted, millions of people have entered and left the internet industry. The original internet “pioneers” were committed to improving the performance and value of the medium. They collaborated freely with their peers and shared their accomplishments openly. Through this process, the internet expanded. Websites and applications proliferated. Above all, it was a shared experience.

Naturally, the rapid growth attracted the interest of people who were seeking business opportunities, wealth, or notoriety. They gravitated to the industry with little, if any, appreciation for the core values that had propelled its early evolution. When they discovered that they lacked the expertise of the real “players,” they sought other means to capitalize on the long string of successes. They became the “talkers,” while others were “walking” and doing the “heavy lifting.” Through webinars and trade show presentations, these “talkers” disseminate information that may/may not have been generated by experience, first-hand knowledge, or extensive research. That information may/may not be accurate.

Danny Sullivan has been an integral member of the industry since its inception. First, with his SearchEngineWatch forum, and since 2006 under the name SearchEngineLand, he and a staff of highly respected experts have been chronicling changes in the world of search. Professionals recognize Danny as the leading authority on search. Here are some of his thoughts regarding Google Instant:

“In terms of keyword research, Google Instant means the need to look even more closely a(t) some of the suggestions that Google provides in the search box. But that’s not new. We’ve had Google Suggest (the suggestion part of Google Instant) since August 2008. As soon as it appeared, it warranted a closer look by search marketers. And that’s been happening more and more since the launch.”

“Google Instant reemphasizes the need to do keyword research by examining suggestions, but that was already part of the SEO landscape for ages — not just from the introduction of Google Suggest but going back to suggestions that many search engines have shown within actual results as part of query refinement features.”

“We’ve had predictions that SEO is dead going back as far as 1997. I covered many of these in my Is SEO Dead? 1997 Prediction, Meet 2009 Reality article from last year. If I’m wrong, and SEO is dying, it’s sure taking its sweet time.”

“I don’t think SEO is dying. I do think SEO has changed and will continue to change as search itself changes. That’s what makes it an exciting industry.”

Although the changes/enhancements to the internet are more finite now, they occur with the same frequency that has existed for the past 17 years. Professionals continue to closely monitor those changes and adapt accordingly. Google Instant is just another step on a long path.




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