Buyer Beware!

12 05 2011

Advertising in 2011 is a quagmire with too many opportunities to trap your business in unproductive campaigns that drain your limited resources without delivering the sought after results.  Now, more than ever, it is incumbent upon business owners to recruit the assistance of experienced advertising executives with reputable firms.

Select a firm with a solid client base in your industry.  Whether you are a manufacturer of electrical connections or a developer of digital games, there is an agency with years of experience in your field.  That firm does not have to be local.  The limitless boundaries of our digital world make it possible for you to work closely with professionals from the other side of the world.

Listen carefully to their recommendations.  Much has been said about the downfall of print publications.  Recent statistics point however to circulation increases for major publications.  Only a seasoned professional can guide you to the most desirable publications for your ad placements.

Don’t be tempted by the myriad on-line outlets that offer low-cost self-administered advertising campaigns.  When it comes to advertising, as in all else, you get what you pay for.

Digital advertising is an equally challenging medium.  Banner advertising, sponsorships, pay-per-click and other forms of digital advertising are fraught with crucial details that directly impact performance and cost.  Your only protection from costly mistakes is the digital advertising executive.




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