A real eye-opener…

31 08 2011

When a close friend recently fell from his bike and was transported to the Jupiter Medical Center Emergency Room by the local fire & rescue team, he called me for a ride home.  I was there in a heartbeat.  After an hour plus, he was released and allowed to go home… but not before signing off on a $7,000+ bill. Rather than focus upon what he received in exchange, let’s focus upon what was not provided:

  • No stitches or sutures
  • No splints or casts
  • No diagnosis
  • No medication
  • No treatment plan

Although they justified a CAT Scan by claiming a fear of possible head/neck injury, he was left tightly secured to a backboard for more than an hour while neither his head or neck was immobilized.  Distressed with the constriction, he was allowed to writhe and move his head and neck freely while left unattended.

While he is less than the model of patience and understanding, any person called upon to shell out $7,000 for a few minutes of service deserves to be treated like a saint.  The attention I received for my role as friend and transporter was equally disgraceful, and I’m a nice guy…

This hospital may have recently been recognized by US News & World Report as “the highest-rated hospital” in Palm Beach County, but that designation is not reflected in the attitudes of the emergency room staff.




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