Finding the Path to Prosperity.

2 09 2012

There are many paths to the same destination. They each have their own set of challenges, and they vary widely in difficulty. Whether you’re traveling from Florida to Alaska or attempting to reestablish growth and prosperity in a faltering economy, it’s the arrival that is of tantamount importance.

Hannibal crossing the Alps

The key element in any journey of magnitude is leadership. It was Hannibal’s leadership ability that enabled him to cross the Pyrenees, fight off local tribes of barbarians, cross the Rhone River, scale the Alps with an army of 50,000 Carthaginians, enter the Po Valley and defeat the Roman Army in a series of battles during the second Punic War.

A study of that campaign reveals not only his tactical superiority but also Hannibal’s negotiating ability, his political awareness, and his organizational skills. Most important of all was the manner in which he “managed” his army. He deployed them in ways that assured their freshness, reduced desertions to a minimum, confused his enemies and assured maximum strength upon entry into the Po Valley. Management is a critical element of leadership.

Romney’s successes with the Olympics and during the course of his governorship in Massachusetts may be a reflection of his management abilities, but management alone did not deliver his achievements in the face of opposition. While reviewing his history, reflect also upon Obama’s successes.

Is Obama able to forge a consensus from opposing elements? Is he successful in ending stalemates through compromise? Strength of leadership outweighs political platforms. Does Obama forge a consensus from opposing elements? Is he successful in ending stalemates through compromise?

Do not allow volumes of rhetoric distract as you strive to identify leadership skills in the candidates before you.




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3 09 2012
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